Hibran temple in Sweida … unique archeological site dating back to Nabatean era

Sweida, SANA – Hibran temple is located in Sweida southern countryside, which is one of the province’s most charming and fertile villages where any visitor can see the orchards of delicious fruits and grapes.

Hibran site constitutes a surprising natural scene that encourages the visitors to stop for enjoying its charm and looking at its landmarks.

The village consists of several significant archeological sites including the temple ruins whose construction dates back to the middle of the second century AD in the year of 155, as Director of Sweida Antiquities Department, Nashat Kewan said . He noted that the temple  was established and built in the Nabatean era which is distinguished in its facades with architectural decoration which were drawn by the archeologist Bitlar when he visited the region in the end of 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century in order to document its antiquities.

Hibran was part of the Roman –Arab state in 106 and it was famous of ancient buildings made from the basalt stones which constitutes the heart of village while the ancient monuments date back to the first millennium BC, as it  was one of the most important  Aramean state centers after that  the Nabateans settled in it .

The origin of  Hibran name returns to Aramaean days  derived  from “Hibra’ verb and means  the transportation knot where  it was a route for  passing convoys between plain and Mount Horan and between the north and  south, reaching to Salkhad city.

Hybah Sleman/ Mazen Eyon

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