Activities of 8th Delbah Forum for culture and art continue in Mashta al-Helou

Tartous, SANA- Activities of 8th al-Delbah Forum for culture and art have continued at al-Delbah square in Mashta al-Helou in Tartous province under the motto “For People.. For Life”.

The Forum was organized by civil, expatriate and economic bodies from Mashta al-Helou.

Seven sculptors and five painters took part in the activities of the first day of the Forum who presented various kinds of arts by using different materials, including wood, mud and stone and painting on the walls within the project of “Towards a more beautiful town” which aims at eliminating distortion from the walls of the area.

General supervisor of the forum Wael Sabbagh said that the locals of Mashta al-Helou used to receive their guests at the Forum under al-Delbah “Platanus” tree which gave the Forum its name as it symbolizes love, life, hope and rebirth.

He added that the sculptors use the wood of the walnut trees and the stones of the river in the carving process.

Some of the works that will be carried out are going to be distributed in the public squares in Mashta al-Helou, while some of them will be displayed in the exhibition specialized for the forum.

Painting on the walks workshop continues its activities to eliminate the distortion from the walls of the area under the supervision of painter Samer Ismael since three years under the title “Towards better city”.

Hala Zain

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