Rehabilitation of Nazir Nabaa High School in Mezzeh in preparation for the new academic year

Damascus, SANA- Damascus Education Department continues implementation of its plan to rehabilitate the schools in preparation for the new academic year as it completed the rehabilitation works of Nazir Nabaa High School for Outstanding Students in Mezzeh, Damascus.

In a statement to SANA, Director of the High School Faten Khaddour said that work is underway for refixing the doors, windows, blackboards and sanitary facilities.

The school include 14 classrooms that contain 30 students, according to Khaddour, asserting that the large classrooms were divided into two classrooms in a way that fulfil the place distance among the students inside the classrooms to maintains the students’ safety and health and combat coronavirus.

Head of the Readiness and School Buildings at the Education Department Taleb Taleb said that the Department started the first phase of the its plan to rehabilitate the facilities of the school, then cleaning it in preparation to sterilize it after finishing the rehabilitation works in order to preserve the safety of the students.

Hala Zain

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