Sabbagh sends messages to presidents of parliaments condemning crime of cutting off water to Hasaka by Turkish regime

Damascus, SANA-Mr. Hamouda Sabbagh, Speaker of the People’s Assembly, sent nine identical messages in the name of the People’s Assembly in the Syrian Arab Republic to each of:
  1. Gabriela Cuevas Barron, President of the InterParliamentary Union,
  2. Martin Chungung, Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union,
  3. Karim Darwish, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean,
  4. Ambassador Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean,
  5. Muhammad Reda Majidi, Secretary General of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly,
  6. Al-Hassan Bala Sakandi, Chairman of the PUIC,
  7. Muhammad Qureshi Nias, Secretary General of the PUIC,
  8. Atef Tarawneh, President of the Arab Parliamentary Union Speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives,
  9. Fayez Shawabkeh, Secretary General of the Arab Parliamentary Union

He denounced and condemned the heinous and continuous crime committed by the Turkish regime and its loyal mercenaries from the armed groups by cutting off drinking water to more than a million Syrian citizens in Hasaka and its vicinity.

The Speaker of the People’s Assembly called on, in his messages, the heads and members of parliaments in all international, regional and Arab parliamentary organizations to exert all forms of pressure on the Turkish regime to immediately stop this heinous crime and deliver drinking water immediately to more than a million Syrian citizens in the city of Hasaka and its vicinity.

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