On the victory of Lebanese resistance in 2006… A bright spot that dropped the false power of Israeli enemy

Damascus, SANA- A historic victory achieved by the Lebanese National Resistance in July 2006 aggression, this victory brought down the falsehood of the alleged Israeli enemy’s strength and defeat its brutal war machine, recording the most wonderful lessons of heroism and courage and forced the occupation to taste the bitterness of defeat.

The aggression launched by the Israeli occupation entity on Lebanon, on July 12, 2006 and lasted more than a month, ended in utter failure after achieving a historic victory by the Lebanese resistance on August 14, overturning the equation in the conflict with the Israeli enemy.

The Israel occupation tasted new bitterness and was inflected heavy losses in its advanced tanks and weapons after its violation of the Lebanon’s sovereignty and its practices against Lebanese people using all forms of terrorism and aerial bombardment with all types of weapons on villages and cities.

The victory of August 14, which came after 33 days of steadfastness and sacrifices, formed a bright spot in resistance’s victories over the Israeli enemy, which launched its barbaric war machine on residential neighbourhoods, schools, hospitals, factories, bridges and infrastructure in Lebanon, but the Lebanese resistance defeated the brutal aggression and achieved a military and strategic victory.

The victory of Lebanese resistance in July aggression has been achieved by its men’s faith in the justice of their cause, the success of the equation of the people, the army, the resistance, and support of the allied countries, particularly as this victory changed the equations of power in the region, and proved that the resistance option is the only one capable of preserving the dignity of the people and preventing hegemony and the only guarantee for regaining the occupied land.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon



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