Damascus launches sterilization campaign (photos)

Damascus,SANA-Damascus Governorate on Monday launched a disinfection campaign covering all the city’s streets and neighborhoods, starting from Bab Musalla and al-Midan areas aimed at enhancing measures taken to contain Coronavirus in light of the increase in registered infections.

Head of Cleaning in Damascus Governorate Imad al-Ali said that the focused campaign includes disinfection and cleaning, and it will cover all Damascus neighborhoods in parallel with the usual daily work carried out by the services department, including disinfecting and cleaning the city’s streets.

He added that the campaign will target other neighborhoods in Damascus tomorrow, including al-Zahira al-Jadida and al-Zahira al-Qadima to insure covering the whole area of al-Midan, followed by al-Tadamoun area and al-Zuhour neighborhood.

For their parts, a number of the workers stressed that their participation in Eid al-Adha comes from their duty to perform the tasks designated to them to curb the spread of the virus for insuring safety of citizens, calling on them to adhere to the preventive measures.

In turn, a number of shops’ owners in al-Jazmatia area stressed the importance of sterilization and maintaining the spatial distance in crowded places, affirming their commitment to the preventive measures of disinfection.


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