Second gas generation plant at al-Tayem power plant in Deir Ezzor put into service

Deir Ezzor, SANA- Electricity Ministry on Saturday put the second gas generation group at the al-Tayem power plant in Deir Ezzor countryside into service after rehabilitating it and repairing the damage inflicted on it at the hands of terrorists.

Electricity Minister Eng. Mohammad Zuhair Kharbutli told reporters that the second generation group at the al-Tayem gas plant whose capacity is estimated at 30 megawatts, was out of service in 2015 due to terrorism, which caused great damage to its parts.

Minister Kharbutli noted that the cost of establishing this group amounted to 30 million euros as it had been established by a German company and due to the unfair siege and economic sanctions on Syria, there was no possibility for the executing company or any other foreign company to repair the gas generation group, so the option was to rely on the national cadres who exerted relentless efforts to put it into service again.

He added that a timetable and a technical plan were set for putting the gas generation group at al-Tayem plant into service again as it was re-operated after nearly a year with a cost that reached up to SYP 70 million.

Director-General of al-Tayem Electricity Plant Tareq al-Okleh said that the work done by the technical workshops included repairing the damaged parts of the second group by moving similar parts from the third group and repairing the damage in it, installing and re-operating it after securing the necessary spare parts.

During Minister Kharbutli’s visit to Deir Ezzor Province, it was announced that electricity would be restored to the Hamidiya neighborhood after a seven-year hiatus due to terrorist control of the neighborhood and the destruction of the electrical network in it.

The Minister of Electricity visited the Deir Ezzor Electricity Company in the city center which has been rehabilitated. The workers at the al-Tayem facility who contributed to the rehabilitation of the second gas group were also honored.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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