Slutsky: US coercive measures will not prevent Syria from continuing development and eliminating terrorism

Moscow, SANA- The head of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, Leonid Slutsky affirmed on Friday that United States will not be able through its unilateral coercive measures particularly the so-called “Caesar Act” to prevent Syria from going ahead in the development process and eliminating terrorism.

During a virtual press conference on Friday at RIA Novosti agency, Slutsky underlined in a response to SANA correspondent’s question that “Caesar Act” is pasteurized, artificial, not objective and unjustified at all, clarifying that it will be discussed at all international forums including the parliamentary ones and each who has a relation in the Syrian file.

He affirmed the coercive measures imposed on Syria must not  be applied, rather Syria should be help economically, humanly and supporting its people to eliminate terrorism and to achieve the political process, this of what Russia has done at the request of the Syrian legitimate government.

Slustky indicated that the attempt of some countries and authorities to hinder the process of political and development in Syria, stressing that the Syrian people are only ones who decide their future.

He added that a lot of clans, thousands of Syrian towns and villages were involved in the national reconciliation process and it is going with a confident step toward consolidate peace.

Hybah Slman/Mazen

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