Prime Minister discusses with Chambers of commerce and industry means of decreasing prices

Damascus, SANA- The talks between Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, and the Federation and the heads of Industry Chambers focused on securing goods and products at suitable prices through their direct delivery from the producer to the consumer and reducing the difference between the cost price and the sale one in the markets to help the citizen face the living difficulties.

Participants in the meeting agreed to coordinate between the Central Bank of Syria and the Federation of Chambers of Industry to ensure the required funding to import the necessary priorities for the national economy as well as supporting small, medium and professional industries.

During the meeting with heads of chambers of commerce, an initiative was proposed to reduce the prices of basic materials and sell them to citizens at an acceptable profit rate that takes into account the costs of production and purchasing power of citizens.

The participants discussed the issue of high prices, ways of controlling markets and providing citizens’ basic needs away from monopoly and calling on merchants to reduce the prices of basic materials and sell them by a low profit.

Bushra Dabin/Mazen Eyon

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