For the 2nd consecutive day, Qasad groups prevent workers of Hasaka Electricity Company from entering their workplace

Hasaka, SANA- For the second consecutive day, Workers of Hasaka’s Electricity Company on Monday protested in front the company in al-Nashwah neighborhood in condemnation of US-backed Qasad (SDF) groups , which occupied the building by force, and they are preventing the workers from entering it now.

SANA reporter in Hasaka said that protestors demanded to neutralize centers and service facilities so that they can continue providing services for the benefit of all citizens, affirming they will continue their protest until they return to their workplace in the company.

On Saturday, Qasad group occupied headquarter of the Hasaka Electricity Company in al-Nashwah neighborhood, headquarter of the Syrian General Grain Administration in Ghweiran neigborhood, , the sports city, parts of the Youth Housing Complex, the Syrian Computer Society, Directorate of Tourism and Industry, and Environmental Affairs, headquarters of the Traffic Police, Directorate of the Civil Registry and the Commercial Bank in Hasaka city and expelled the employees from these offices.

Haybah Sleman/Shaza

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