Over 34 thousand hectares of cotton crop cultivated in Syria

Aleppo, SANA- Cotton cultivated areas in various governorates is improving after they have decreased in previous years due to terrorist organizations’ attacks which caused damage to cotton crop as large areas of lands stopped production.

More than 34 thousand hectares have been cultivated so far in Syria and production may reach up 291 thousand tons of cotton in case that the entire agricultural plan will be fully implemented ,according to Head of Aleppo Cotton Directorate Waddah al-Qadi.

Al-Qadi noted that the cultivated areas of cotton in Aleppo reached up 1150 hectares.

He pointed out to the importance of encouraging and supporting farmers to grow this crop through setting and raising the prices of cotton and providing the necessary funding from the agricultural bank of the farmers , in addition to re-launching modern irrigation project where 37 percent of the cultivated areas are still being irrigated by wells.

He added that the efforts exerted by the agricultural technicians in scientific research centers and farmers with government will restore this crop to its position at regional and global levels as Syria has remained in the second rank in production of cotton internationally for several years.

For their part, the farmers called for the necessity of ensuring requirements of production, especially fertilizers.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza

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