American newspaper: Syria has achieved the best results in combating Coronavirus pandemic despite US-European economic blockade

Washington, SANA- The American Herald Tribune newspaper hailed the measures taken by Syria and its success in combating Coronavirus(Covid19) Pandemic despite the western economic blockade imposed on it.

The newspaper pointed out, in an article by the writer Tim Anderson, that Syria dealt Intelligently with the Coronavirus pandemic and succeeded in containing it with so little damage, and indeed with the lowest number of cases and deaths compared to countries in the region and in the world.

The newspaper said that this was not due to luck, nor to a laissez-faire Swedish style practice, On the contrary, the Syrian government took the virus threat seriously, communicating and maintaining trust with the Syrian people and imposed strong quarantine controls in addition to imposing its quarantine measures rapidly, well before the first infection was even detected.
The Newspaper said that Syria put a national work plan to confront the virus along with the development of quarantine centers and training the medical staff before detecting any cases in Syria.

It confirmed that the Syrian approach was similar to that of Cuba, in that it was led by the Health Ministry, there was daily information from health authorities, strong quarantine measures were imposed, even before infections were detected, and severe lockdowns were imposed on specific ‘hot spots’ which had outbreaks of infection.

MHD.Ibrahim / Mazen

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