US website: “Caesar Act” fraudulent by claiming to protect civilians

Washington, SANA- American “Antiwar” website affirmed that aggression which is being waged against Syria and its people by the US and its allies reached a new level this month with extreme sanctions known as the Caesar Act.

“The Caesar Act is fraudulent by claiming to protect civilians while in reality it punishes and hurts the Syrians who live in Syria. It will result in thousands of civilians suffering,” the website said, adding that the Syrians have been victims of US foreign policy delusions, hypocrisy, cynicism and cruelty.

The website said that the US is still hindering access of humanitarian aid and it together with the European Union prohibited all reconstruction aid.

The US, according to the website, also is undermining and destabilizing the Syrian currency as “with the devaluation of Syrian currency, prices of many items has risen dramatically.”

The fire was set on intentionally in northeast of Syria which is the wheat basket of the country, meanwhile the US and its proxy militia control and profit from the oil fields while the civilians struggle with a severe shortage oil and gas.

The website indicated that “The US has multiple goals. One goal is to prevent Syria from recovering. Another goal is to prolong the conflict and damage those countries who have assisted Syria.”, noting that “The economic and other attacks on Syria have been promoted by right wing hawks, especially fervent supporters of Israel. Eliot Engel, chairman of the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, pushed to get the Caesar Act into law for years.”



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