Protests continue in Washington for sixth straight night, Trump taken to underground bunker

Washington, SANA- US police forces have used excessive force to suppress protesters for in the vicinity of the White House in Washington last night while President Donald Trump was moved to an underground bunker.

According to the AFP, the police fired tear gas, pepper spray and gas bombs in an attempt to disperse demonstrators outside the White House late last night, as protests continued to expand across the United States for the sixth straight night.

Late last night, US police forces imposed a curfew in Washington in an effort to control protests that demanded the departure of US President Donald Trump.

In turn, Washington D.C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser, announced on her page on Twitter that she “ordered the deployment of the National Guard in the city to support the police in enforcing the curfew.”

The case of killing an African American in cold blood by the American police in the state of Minnesota has turned into an international public opinion case and has sparked repeated protests in most American cities and states and in other countries including Canada and Britain.

Like other American cities, Washington has been the scene of widespread tensions and protests, during which police and US military forces used violence and military force. Trump vowed the day before yesterday to use military force to suppress the protesters whom he described as thugs.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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