International Business Times: Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burning

Singapore, SANA-International Business Times website, of Singapore edition, revealed in a report posted yesterday that the fires which erupted in the wheat fields in Syrian al-Jazeera region were lately carried out by US occupation forces.

An American aircraft has reportedly dropped thermal balloons over agricultural lands in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah, setting fire to wheat crops in the area.

The report titled “Confirmed Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burning During Pandemic” said that the US forces were carrying out the orders of US President Donald Trump.

Local and civil sources in Hasaka countryside affirmed that a US Apache aircraft dropped on May 17th thermal balloons on lands near Shaddadi in Hasaka countryside, burning more than 200 Hectares planted with wheat.

The new report comes to stress that the US didn’t stop at tightening its coercive measures of sanctions and siege under the so-called name of “Caesar act” against the Syrian people and it didn’t stop at looting the oil through its separatist tools, but it deliberately set fires to the lands of farmers to prevent them from selling their crops to the Syrian State.

The US occupation forces established illegitimate bases in a number of al-Jazeera areas, supplying them with logistic tools and weapons through illegitimate crossings with Iraqi to boost their presence and loot the Syrian oil and the main agrarian crops there.

Mazen Eyon

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