Cultural activities on social media as alternative solution to face Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA- The cultural institutions have resorted to the social media as alternative solutions to launch their cultural activities due to the health quarantine measures resulted confronting the spread of the coronavirus, but many people saw that heading for the virtual world can be adopted even after the end of the virus.

Director of Syrian General Authority for Book Thaer Zein-eddin told SANA that the authority published many of its books electronically before the spread of the Coronavirus, pointing out that the current circumstances moved the authority to intensify its work in this regard as it started to publish a new ebook every three days.

Editor-in-Chief of Osama Magazine Qahtan Bayrakdar indicated that the magazine has launched its initiative for electronic communication with the children within the book authority as it kicked off a number of activities in this regard through publishing joyful stories which include awareness of the dangers of the Coronavirus which reflects the prominent positive role of the electronic culture.

Head of Arab Writers Union-Damascus Branch Mohammad al-Horani talked about the branch’s initiative on writing a novel during the health quarantine about human integration and amity during common circumstances in cases of epidemics and famines, hailing the important role of electronic media as supporter to the paper media, but not as an alternative.

Damascus Countryside Cultural Department pointed out that it will continue to publish its activities electronically even after the end of the coronavirus as this method provides unlimited access among different places.

Poet Samar Taghlabi saw that the virtual cultural activity is a result of the health quarantine, asserting that it will not stop, as it opens new prospects for unlimited participation from different places in one activity which will turn it to a supporter to the cultural work on ground.

Hala Zain

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