Minister Yazaji: We respond to coronavirus epidemic under exceptional conditions

Geneva, SANA-the 73rd round of the World Health Assembly started its activities in Geneva with the participation of Syria through Video conference in light of the spread of coronavirus.

“The workers in the health sector in Syria respond to the epidemic courageously and under exceptional conditions imposed by the nearly 10-year terrorist war accompanied by economic, coercive measures that limit the capability of the service sectors in Syria, particularly the health sector,” Health Minister, Nizar Yazaji, said in a speech through video.

He added that when some countries, which have strong economic and health systems, face difficulties in containing the epidemic and save the souls, the US and western states continue to impose coercive, unilateral measures on Syria and their inhuman siege that hinder the ability of the health sector to respond to the pandemic and ensure the needed equipment for prevention, treatment and diagnosis.

The Minister called for lifting the coercive measures imposed on Syria to be able to protect its health safety and the life of its citizens.

Mazen Eyon

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