Daesh terrorists escape from al-Hawl prison in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA- Local sources said that a number of Daesh terrorists have escaped from al-Hawl Prison in Hasaka countryside which is controlled by U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” .

The sources told SANA that seven terrorists from Daesh managed to escape from al-Hawl prison in the eastern countryside of Hasaka which is under the control of the US-backed “SDF”.

The sources indicated that SDF groups announced a state of alert to search for the fleeing terrorists.

On May 3, a state of chaos and insurrection occurred at al-Sinaa prison in Ghwairan neighborhood in Hasaka, which is under the control of “SDF”.

Al-Sinaa prison, supervised by the US occupation, holds Daesh terrorists of various nationalities.




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