Popular marketplaces, a new initiative to help farmers sell their products directly to consumers

Damascus, SANA – Upon directives from the Cabinet, Damascus Governorate set up five “popular marketplaces” which allow farmers to sell their products directly to consumers at competing prices without any middlemen.

SANA visited two of these marketplaces, specifically the ones in Nahr Aisha and Rukn Eddin areas, marking that prices of produce there are lower by an average of SYP 100-150 for most products compared to other places.

The popular marketplaces do not charge the vendors any fees for displaying and selling their products, allowing them to get better prices by eliminating middlemen and brokers, while at the same time providing produce for citizens at lower prices.

The other three marketplaces are located in al-Qanawat, al-Midan, and al-Zablatani areas, with efforts underway to establish more of them.

Hazem Sabbagh

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