Russian analysts: Continued imposition of unilateral measures on Syria immoral

Moscow, SANA_ Chairman of the Russian Association for Friendship and Cooperation with the Arab Countries Vyacheslav Matuzov, criticized the continued imposition of coercive western unilateral economic measures on Syria in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, describing it as “inhuman and incomprehensible.”

The political analyst Matuzov, in an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow on Monday said that the Coronavirus epidemic has exposed Western countries clearly and completely stripped them to appear in their true inhumane image.

He called for uniting the efforts of all countries to confront this virus and cooperate in the interest of all humanity and put humanitarian issues at the top of the priorities.

Matuzov pointed out to the Russian people’s solidarity with Syria in these difficult circumstances and against the unilateral measures imposed by the United States and the western countries allied with it on the Syrian people and on any other country that refuses US policy.

Assistant Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats Andrei Baklanov stressed that all countries and international organizations should show solidarity and cooperation in conditions of global health crises such as the Corona pandemic and work to provide assistance to other countries.

He, in a similar interview, emphasized that unilateral measures imposed by the United States and its Western allies on Syria are inhuman and immoral.

Baklanov expressed regret that the United States did not support the Russian initiative on the need to lift unjust measures imposed on some countries taken without approval of the UN Security Council, in light of the spread of the Coronavirus.


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