Education Ministry: Finishing disinfection of more than nine thousand schools

Damascus, SANA- The Education Ministry has finished the disinfection and cleaning of 9,024 schools in all the provinces and that came in the framework of a series of precautionary measures for tackling the novel coronavirus (covid-19).

In a statement on Wednesday, the Ministry indicated that in the same framework, it has accomplished the preparation of 42 centers/28 schools for emergency cases with the rate of two schools in each province and 14 schools as health centers with the rate of one school in each province, in addition to 12 centers at the makeshift centers as quarantine centers.

Last month, the Ministry called upon all of its directorates in the provinces to implement the safety and security measures at all the schools and to clean and disinfect them with all the available means before the end of the suspension period, in addition to activating the work of the school dispensaries to follow up cases of students and teachers in the educational sector.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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