As precaution measure to counter COVID-19, printed newspapers suspended until further notice

Damascus, SANA-  As a precautionary governmental measure to tackle the Coronavirus, (COVID-19) and in the context of pre-emptive steps to preserve public health, the Information Ministry decided to suspend the publication of printed newspapers until further notice.

These newspapers will continue to update their websites and pages on social networks with the aim of continuing to carry out their educational and information role at this stage to confront the Coronavirus.

The decision came during a meeting in the Information Ministry chaired by the Minister of Information Imad Sarah and attended by editors-in-chief of local newspapers to discuss the process of distributing printed newspapers and the risks of the transfer of Coronavirus to newsprint.

The issue of adherence to the government’s decision to stop inter-governorate travel and its impact on distribution processes was discussed during the meeting.

The decision covers national newspapers of al-Baath, Tishreen, al-Watan and al-Thawra and newspapers of the Federation of Workers and parties of the National Progressive Front.

Yara Ismail /Gh.A.Hassoun

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