Government adopts a number of additional decisions to confront Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA- The governmental team tasked with confronting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) conducted on Friday a comprehensive evaluation and review of the precautionary measures which have been taken, and it adopted a number of additional decisions to deal with the developments related to pandemic.

During its meeting on Friday, chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khams, the team called on citizens to show a high level of awareness and responsibility in terms of commitment to “voluntary isolation” procedures that should maintain public safety so that “mandatory isolation” is not enforced in the case of non-compliance.

The team reaffirmed that any confirmed case of Coronavirus will be announced as soon it is verified by the authorities at the Health Ministry.

All ministries were tasked with making significant reduction in the percentage of workers at their administrative and service institutions, keeping the numbers at the minimum that guarantees the continuation of the work in them and to provide basic services to citizens, in addition to taking steps to ensure that work will continue in productive facilities in the public and private sectors and maintain production in all sectors.

In a relevant context, the Ministries of Finance, Industry, Social Affairs & Labor, and Economy & Foreign Trade were tasked to provide a set of incentives and facilitations for the private sector facilities that are maintaining production and work to ensure they operate at maximum capacity during the coming stage.

The team also tasked the Ministry of Health with the direct technical and administrative supervision over the quarantine centers in the provinces and preparing data for the approved quarantine centers and the logistical support required for them so that it can be secured, in addition to tasking all ministries and in coordination with the Ministry of Health to prepare places and buildings in urban and rural centers to use them as backup quarantine centers if needed.

The team made it obligatory for the public and private sectors’ establishments and unions to follow collective sanitization mechanisms that guarantees the safety of their employees, as well as providing the necessary requirements for prevention and maintaining personal hygiene for workers.

The team also tasked the Ministry of Industry to determine the local market’s need and available supplies in terms of sanitization products, protective masks, medical alcohol, and other preventive supplies for two months, in order to compensate for any shortages and ensure the continuation of their production.

The team tasked the Federation of Chambers of Commerce with carrying out the necessary sterilization of the markets in each province, in addition to intensifying efforts to provide the needs of retail centers in the residential areas in terms of basic nutrients and consumer items to help reduce congestion in the markets.

The governmental team also instructed the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection to improve the mechanism of bread distribution, affirming that the state’s plan of tightening control over all border crossings will continue.

Mh. Ibrahim / Hazem Sabbagh

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