Shaaban: Syria will continue the war against terrorism

Damascus, SANA-Presidential, Political and Media Advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban, underlined that Syria will continue the war against terrorism, adding that the Russian-Turkish agreement of Moscow was an outcome of the Army’s sacrifices that liberated more than 2000 km area.

“The agreement is in the interest of Syria, it is part of diplomatic, military and political tracks,” Shaaban told Syrian TV in an interview on Friday, adding that the army’s sacrifices have imposed the agreement according which the two roads of M4 and M5 would be opened.

On the Israeli aggressions on the Syrian territories, Shaaban clarified that the aggressions are launched to find some kind of confusion and prolong the span of war on Syria.

“Syria fights terrorism on behalf of the whole world and it is going ahead in combating it until liberating the last part of the Syrian land,” Shaaban said.

Mazen Eyon

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