Calmness prevails in axes of operations in Idleb… Army is ready to respond to any breach by terrorists

Idleb, SANA- Calmness prevailed in operations’ axes in Idleb after agreement on cessation of hostilities had entered into force at this status-quo as of the first minute of March 6th, 2020.

SANA’s reporter in Idleb said that the areas, which had been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army during its military operations against Turkish regime –backed terrorist organizations, for hundreds of kilometers from Kafr Nobbul axis in Idleb countryside towards the axis of west of Saraqeb witness a cessation of hostilities and calm on various axes after agreement on cessation of hostilities signed on Thursday entered into force.

The reporter said that army units are ready to respond firmly to any attempt to breach the agreement by terrorist organizations that have always been breaching agreements on cessation of hostilities in the past ,and attacking neighboring safe areas and army points.


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