Daesh remnants commit a massacre against 11 civilians in Syrian Badyah

Raqqa, SANA-Remnants of Daesh terrorist organization committed a massacre against 11 civilians on Friday while they were herding their sheep in Sabkhah desert to the south of Raqqa province near the region 55 KM where US occupation forces are illegitimately positioned.

Civil sources said that remnants of Daesh terrorist group executed 11 civilians while they were grazing their sheep in the vicinity of villages of al-Ghanem and Zur Shomar to the east of Sabkhah town after hand-cuffing them and shooting fire on their heads.

The sources added that the terrorists, who had committed the massacre, used motorbikes and   camouflaged vehicles then they looted two thousand sheep with two agriculture tractors in addition to a truck, fleeing towards the illegitimate US Base in al -Tanf area.

Hybah Sleman/ Mazen Eyon

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