A mass grave containing bodies of martyrs executed by terrorists discovered in al-Eib Farms, Eastern Ghouta-Video  

Damascus Countryside, SANA- A Syrian Arab Army unit, in cooperation with the bodies concerned, has found a mass grave containing the bodies of civilians and army personnel who had been executed at the hands of terrorist groups in al-Eib Farms in the Eastern Ghouta.

Chief of the Military Police Branch in Damascus Brigadier General Mohammad Mansour said that based on information from private sources, a mass grave was discovered in the area of al-Eib Farms, southeast of Douma City in the Eastern Ghouta that contains corpses of civilians and army personnel including a woman, as they were handcuffed and they had been executed by terrorist groups after kidnapping and abusing them and most of them were buried in the same hole.

Mansour indicated that the approximate number of bodies that have been recovered is about 70 martyrs, and their death goes back to between the beginning of 2012 until 2014.

He added that there is an extension for the mass grave, and tomorrow the recovery of the bodies of martyrs will be completed in cooperation with the civil defense as they will be transported to Tishreen Military Hospital.

Dr. Ayman Khallou, a forensic doctor at Tishreen Military Hospital, pointed out that most of the remains recovered today were handcuffed and two of them were identified.

Khallou added that the Initial forensics indicated that most of the martyrs were executed by gunshots in the head, and some were executed with cables, indicating that the remains of the martyrs will be transferred to take samples and compare them with the father and mother, to complete the legal procedures and try to identify the names of the martyrs and hand over the bodies of the martyrs to their families.

Major Firas al-Khalaf from the civil defense noted that after communication and coordination with the bodies concerned, civil defense teams headed for al-Eib Farms in the Eastern Ghouta and they dug in the area as they found a mass grave and about 70 corpses were recovered and most of them were handcuffed.

Al-Khalaf indicated that work is underway in the area to recover the remains of the martyrs and to hand them over to the Medical Services Department to conduct the necessary medical examination and to hand over the bodies of the martyrs to their relatives.

On April 14th in the year 2018, the Eastern Ghouta was completely liberated from terrorist organizations after all terrorists were expelled from Douma City which was their last stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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