Army regains control over tens of villages, towns and strategic hills in Idleb, Aleppo countryside, Army Command says-video

Damascus, SANA- Army and Armed Forces General Command has announced that units of the Syrian Arab Army operating in Idleb and Aleppo provinces regained, over the past few days, control over 600 square km and liberated tens of villages, towns and strategic hills.

The General Command said in a statement on Sunday that army units operating in Idleb and Aleppo provinces continued their field advance to eliminate terrorist organizations which have escalated their acts of aggression through targeting the safe residential areas and the civilians with rocket shells, escalated their provocative measures against the civilians, continued to prevent them from  leaving terrorist-held areas and took them as human shields.

The General Command added that the Syrian Armed Forces have achieved significant field advance as the forces advancing from Idleb eastern countryside have met the forces advancing from the direction of southern Aleppo, reestablishing control over an area of about 600 square km and liberating tens of villages, towns and strategic hills.

The liberated areas included Khan al-Sabil, Kafer Battikh, Joubas, al-Nairab, Tal Mardikh, Kafer amim, Afes, Saraqeb, Tal al-Tabariz, Maharim, Ebla University, Rasem al-Ess, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Zamar, Houir al-Ess, Tal Bajer, Rasem al-Sahrij, Tal Touqan, Jazraya, Khan Touman, Khalsa, al-Qarasi, Zitan, al-Sheikh Idris, al-Rayan, Louf, al-Ess.

The statement stressed that the army continued carrying out its national duties in defending the sovereignty of the homeland and the dignity of citizens and eliminating the dangers of the armed terrorist organizations and preventing them from confiscating citizens’ will and controlling their life.

The Command underlined that the attempts of the states-sponsored terrorism will not succeed in stopping the increasing collapse among the ranks of those terrorist organizations, asserting that the Syrian Army will continue to carry out its duties in liberating every inch of the Syrian territories from terrorism.

H. Zain

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