Army Command: A Turkish military convoy passes into Syria to protect terrorists, impede Army advance in Idleb

Damascus, SANA- The Army and Armed Forces General Command affirmed the readiness of the Syrian Arab Army and its determination to confront any aggression on the Syrian territories, and that the simultaneous Israeli and Turkish attempts to support terrorism will not prevent it pursuing its field tasks till eradicating terrorism from all the Syrian territories.

The General Command said in a statement that “ at 02:00 am on Thursday and in a blatant synchronicity with the Israeli air aggression and even under its cover, a Turkish military convoy that includes a number of vehicles and armored vehicles passed from Oglinar area into Syria.

The statement noted that the Turkish military convoy “deployed on the line between the towns of Binnish, Ma’ar Masrin and Taftanaz with the aim to protect terrorists, on top Jabhat al-Nusra, and to impede the advance of the Syrian Arab Army and to prevent it from completing the elimination of systematic terrorism which besieges civilians in Idleb province and take them as hostages and human shields.”

The statement added that the Army and Armed Forces General Command “will continue its national tasks in defending the security of the homeland and the citizens, and it affirms at the same time the readiness of the Syrian Arab Army and its determination to confront the aggression regardless of its names and forms.”

The statement concluded by saying that “The simultaneous Israeli and Turkish attempts, and whoever protects the armed Takfiri terrorism will not prevent our brave soldiers from pursuing their field tasks till clearing all the Syrian territories from the armed terrorist organizations.”

Earlier on the day, a military source announced that the Syrian Air Defenses at dawn on Thursday intercepted an Israeli missile aggression that targeted the suburbs of Damascus and the southern region, and destroyed large numbers of the hostile missiles.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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