Military source: Settle the status of everyone who decides to lay down arms to preserve lives of besieged civilians

Damascus, SANA-A military source announced on Tuesday that the Syrian Arab Army continues to carry out its national duty in defending the land and eliminating the armed terrorist groups that have attacked the civilian residents in the de-escalation zone, besieged and took them as human shields in Saraqeb and Tal Touqan region.

“In an attempt by the army forces to give the militants a last chance to preserve the lives of the besieged civilians, instructions were given to the military units working in the region to allow everyone who wants to lay down arms to settle his status instead of betting on the Turkish forces’ support to the terrorists with their different names,” the source said in a statement.

It added that the General command of the Army and Armed forces, while affirming that the presence of the Turkish forces is an illegal presence and a hostile, flagrant act, it stresses, at the same time, that it is ready to immediately respond to any aggression by those forces on the Syrian Army forces in the region.

Mazen Eyon

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