Argentinean family expresses admiration of Palmyra and its great cultural heritage

Palmyra, SANA- An Argentinean family, recently visited the historic city of Palmyra, showed a great admiration of the city’s history, its architecture and great cultural heritage, expressing resentment at the devastation that targeted the most prominent monuments due to the terrorist attacks of Daesh organization.

The father, Rafael Somini, a retired university professor, told SANA that the calm and security that he and his family felt in Palmira encouraged them to roam the amazing archaeological area.

There is no doubt that tourist groups are going to visit this internationally-famed city, he added.

His wife Blanca Issa, a retired teacher, indicated that her dream came true by visiting the city of Palmyra with her family.

Issa expressed sadness for the vandalism affected the city’s civilization and monuments by the terrorists, the enemies of enlightenment and cultural thought.

She appealed to the international cultural organizations to seriously contribute to the restoration of these monuments.



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