The soul of female’s inner worlds in exhibition at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts

Damascus, SANA_ Plastic Artist Sana Atasi benefited from her multi-artistic talents in drawing the paintings of her first solo exhibition at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts, through which she depicted the soul in the inner worlds of the female.

The exhibition, which includes 21 large-size acrylic paintings in which Atasi used the expressionism to embody the women with wide eyes in dramatic scenes that carry a lot of female privacy and inner feelings of love, craving, unity, defeat, strength and with open chromatic spaces.

The plastic artist said, in a statement to SANA, “These works are the harvest of years of multi-disciplinary artworks, experiences and talents, which created accumulation in more than one artistic field and made my painting achieve this result, through which I try to monitor the deep feelings that we have lived through the past nine years.”

She depicts, according to Atasi, the soul freed from the physical body in gray colors and plenty of the black, indicating that the red and violet colors that sometimes exist in her paintings symbolize love, warmth and purity.

Sana pointed out that her choice of the large sizes for her paintings is due to her preference for large areas which represent a sense of freedom and comfort, stressing that her ambition and dream do not stop at a certain point and that she will reach the world from Damascus

Sana Atassi, born in Homs in 1978, is a painter, sculptor and director of short films. She studied advertising design, cartoon filmmaking and directing at Arena Indian Academy. She holds Diploma of the Film Science of the General Film Corporation and Diploma of Cinema and TV Directing from SIA Academy. She is a graduate of the British Academy for interior design. Atasi has four short films and participated in film festivals and art exhibitions inside and outside Syria.


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