Al-Jaafari: Improving humanitarian situation in Syria requires lifting economic coercive measures imposed on its people

New York, SANA-UN Security council on Friday adopted a resolution to extend authority of its resolution related to entering humanitarian aid to Syria for 6 extra months and allowing humanitarian convoys heading for Syria to cross borders.

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said in a statement following voting on the draft resolution that since the terrorist war on it, Syria has exerted its best efforts to guarantee the continuation of providing the basic services and offer humanitarian aid and support to all its citizens without any discrimination.

He affirmed that improving the humanitarian situation in Syria requires supporting the State’s efforts and lifting the economic coercive measures imposed in its people.

Al-Jaafari added that the Syrian government and its main partners, like the Syrian Red Crescent and many civil associations, have engaged in the humanitarian work in a serious cooperation with UN related agencies and many others.

“Syria has facilitated and offered support to all international organizations with adhering to Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity as well as the principles regulating the humanitarian file included in General Assembly Resolution No. 46/182,” al-Jaafari stressed.

He went on to say that there were a lot of humanitarian, moral and legal impetuses behind Syria’s stance in rejection of extending the authority of the resolution, which was adopted in light of artificial conditions for many causes, among them the lack of the legal feature of the so-called “co-penholders.”

Russia and china abstained from voting on the resolution.

“The so-called co-penholders and the countries that stand behind them didn’t commit to the rules of the General Assembly Resolution No.46/182 that regulates the humanitarian work and stress the need for respecting the national sovereignty of the states concerned in the humanitarian file,” al-Jaafari said.

He added that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization stems the constituents of its survival in Idleb from the support of the Turkish regime through a room of operations run in Gaziantep city.

Mazen Eyon


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