International Astronomical Union names a newly discovered star Abla and its planet Ugarit

Damascus, SANA- The International Astronomical Union (IAU) named the newly discovered star 218566 HD Ebla in the “Pisces” constellation and named its plant “Ugarit”.

The Syrian Astronomical Association said Friday that the IAU approved during its latest meeting to name the star 218566 HD in the Pisces constellation “Ebla” and its planet “Ugarit”, so that the names of Ebla and Ugarit raise into space after the name of Palmyra.

In 2015, the IAU  named  Palmyra on the planet in the orbit of al-Ra’e star after 631704 people had voted in favor.

Head of the Syrian Astronomical Association, Dr. Muhammad al-Asiri, said in a statement to SANA that the aim of naming Ebla and Ugarit is to emphasize that the first alphabet in history is the Ugarit alphabet which is proved by all credible archaeological and scientific research.

H. Zain



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