Weapons, ammunition and mines left by terrorists found in Quneitra Countryside

Quneitra, SANA- The competent authorities, during their completion of combing the areas cleared by the Syrian Arab Army from terrorism, found weapons and ammunition, some of them Israeli-made in the countryside of Quneitra.

A source at the competent authorities said in a statement to a SANA reporter that the competent authorities continued combing the areas cleared by the army from terrorism in the Quneitra countryside to remove the explosive devices and mines left behind by terrorists and found weapons and ammunition hidden under the ground near the barbed wire with the occupied Syrian Golan.

The source pointed out that the weapons included various ammunition in large quantities, 120 mm mortar shells, B-9 rockets, medium and heavy machine guns / 37mm/, a machine gun launch pad, individual mines made by the Israeli enemy, anti-tank mines, bombs and explosive devices and gas masks, in addition to dismantling a large number of individual and anti-armor mines were planted in the agricultural lands.

The source pointed out that weapons and ammunition were seized in the areas where Daesh (ISIS) terrorists were positioned before they were defeated which shows the close connection between the Israeli entity and the terrorist groups that were coordinating and operating according to the dictations of the Israeli enemy.

In order to preserve the lives of civilians, the competent authorities continue, in cooperation with the army units stationed in the region and the locals, to comb the villages and towns in Quneitra countryside after clearing it of terrorism, in order to remove the weapons, ammunition and booby-trapped vehicles left behind by terrorists and to fully secure the area.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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