Lavrentiev: U.S. occupation troops must pull out of Syrian territories  

Nur-Sultan, SANA- Russian President’s special envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev said that U.S. occupation forces must pull out of the Syrian territories, stressing that Washington’s looting of the Syrian oil is unacceptable.

In a press conference in Nur-Sultan city on Wednesday at the conclusion of the 14th round of Astana talks on Syria, Lavrentiev said “our talks focused on the U.S. illegitimate presence in Syria aimed at exploiting its natural resources,” affirming the necessity of withdrawal of US occupation forces from the Syrian lands.

Lavrentiev said  “during the current round, we exchanged views on all aspects of settlement in Syria and this helps us assess the stage we are going through to give more effectiveness to this process,”describing discussions and the bilateral and tripartite meetings as  “useful” in which they pointed out to the beginning of meetings of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution in Geneva ,  a process led by the Syrians themselves without any foreign interference in its work.

He added that discussions also dealt with the need for assisting the Syrian people in reconstruction process and providing humanitarian aid to people in need without any politicization or preconditions, underlining the necessity of lifting the economic coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people by America and the West.

Answering a question about compliance of the Turkish regime with its obligations, Lavrentiev said  “we are working in this direction with the Turks as we signed a memorandum on creating de-escalation zone in Idleb, yet these obligations are not being implemented currently.”

Lavrentiev indicated that the “White Helmets” terrorists are preparing for a new chemical provocation to accuse the Syrian Government of.

For his part, Head of Iranian delegation to Astana talks Ali Asghar Khaji affirmed the necessity of going ahead in combating terrorism  in Syria until its complete elimination and the commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

He indicated that the terrorist organizations seize most of Idleb’s area and pose threat to the civilians there , adding that the Syrian state authority should be extended to all its territories , mainly Idleb.

Khaji said that US attempts to control oil fields in Syria are rejected and work should be done to return all the fields to the Syrian state.


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