Syria joins Int’l network of animal welfare protection

Damascus, SANA_ Syria has joined the International Network of Animal Welfare Protection that aims to enhance international cooperation in protecting animals from diseases and developing policies related to this issue.

This step was done during the 15th meeting of the Middle East Regional Committee of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) held in Abu Dhabi.

Director of Animal Health at the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Hussein Suleiman clarified that the meeting held in Abu Dhabi agreed on Syria’s joining the network as an observer.

“We discussed the ways of improving veterinary services, developing veterinary laws and legislation, developing a new mechanism for controlling animal movements, facilitating trade between countries and including the private sector in the development of livestock policies,” he added.

Suleiman pointed out that Syria briefed the participants in the meeting about services being offered by the Syrian government in the field of protecting animals, free immunization, epidemiological studies and awareness campaigns for breeders.



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