American Herald Tribune: OPCW reports on Syria false and of fraudulent nature

Damascus, SANA_ A few days after the British “Daily Mail” newspaper unveiled that a leaked e-mail indicated that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has manipulated a report on alleged chemical attack in Douma on April, 2018, another whistleblower leak has exposed the fraudulent nature of(OPCW) report .

“American Herald Tribune” newspaper, on Tuesday published a report entitled “A Second Whistle Blown on the OPCW’s Doctored Report” in which it said that the mail exposes the fraudulent nature of the OPCW report on the alleged attack.

The newspaper indicated that the report is the second of its kind after the first leak, which indicates that the final report of the OPCW did not take into account the assessment of the independent engineering team, which confirms that the two chlorine gas cylinders in Douma were placed by hands and not as the report claims they were dropped from the air with the aim of accusing the Syrian army.

“Now there is a second leak, this time an internal email sent by a member of the Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) on June 22, 2018, to Robert Fairweather, the British career diplomat who was at the time Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, and copied to his deputy, Aamir Shouket.  The writer says to have been the only FFM member to have read the redacted report before its release. He says it misrepresents the facts: “Some crucial facts that have remained in the redacted version have morphed into something quite different from what was originally drafted.” According to the newspaper,

The newspaper said that the email confirmed that the final version of the report highly misleading and not supported by the facts.

It highlighted the statements that prove the manipulation of evidence collected during the investigation as that models related to chlorine were only the major element in household chlorine-based bleach.

The original draft, according to the newspaper, discussed in detail the inconsistency between the victims’ symptoms after the alleged attack as reported by witnesses and seen on video recordings.  This section of the draft, including the epidemiology, was removed from the final version as the draft report was modified at the behest of the office of Director-General, a post held at the time by a Turkish diplomat, Ahmet Uzumcu.

The newspaper mentioned that the OPCW has made no attempt to deny the substance of these claims, after the engineers’ report made its way to Wikileaks its priority was to hunt down the leaker.

These two exposures are triply devastating for the OPCW, the newspaper said, adding: Its Douma report is completely discredited but all its findings on the use of chemical weapons in Syria must now be regarded as suspect even by those who did not regard them as suspect in the first place.

The same shadow hangs over all UN agencies that have relied on the OPCW for evidence, especially the UN’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, an arm of the OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).

This body is closely linked to the OPCW and while both mostly hide the sources of their information it is evident that where chemical weapons allegations have been made, the commission of inquiry has drawn on the OPCW, the paper said, adding that witnesses were not identified and there is no indication of how their claims were proved as the countries where many interviews were conducted outside Syria were not identified also, although most witnesses were in Turkey.

The newspaper said that as of January 2018, the commission reported on 34 documented incidents of chemical weapons use by various parties in Syria. It did not hold the armed groups responsible even for one, despite the weight of evidence showing their preparation and use of such weapons over a long period of time.

This is such a travesty of the best evidence that no report by this body can be regarded as impartial, objective and neutral

American Herald Tribune considered that the victims of this attack were killed for propaganda purposes by the takfiri groups, the most brutal people on the face of the planet, to blame the Syrian government and for the media quickly move on.

It is worth stepping back a little bit to consider early responses to the OPCW report on Douma, the newspapers said, adding that the Syrian government raised a number of questions, all of them fobbed off by the OPCW and clarifying that an 11-year-old boy, Hassan Diab, along 17 witnesses, refuted the chemical attack drama at the headquarters of the Organization in The Hague in April 2018,

The newspaper concluded by emphasizing that that all of the above mentioned leads us to accuse the OPCW of providing assistance to terrorists and their “White Helmet” auxiliaries whom, the evidence overwhelmingly shows, set this staged attack up.















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