The USA again foil the evacuation of displaced people from al-Rukban camp

Moscow, SANA_ Syria and Russia confirmed that the United States once again has thwarted the evacuation of displaced persons being held against their will under critical humanitarian conditions in al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Jordanian borders.

The Syrian and Russian coordination committees for the return of displaced Syrians expressed, in a joint statement on Friday, concern about hindering the implementation of the new United Nations plan to evacuate the residents of Rukban camp due to the US refusal to fulfill its obligations to end the suffering of detainees in the camp and allow them to leave and return to their areas liberated from terrorism.

The statement renewed the call on the US side not to hinder the exit of displaced persons from the camp and to fulfill its promises made previously to ensure the safety of UN convoys and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

“It is impractical to transfer humanitarian aid to al-Rukban camp area because it does not reach all civilians detained there.” The statement said.

It added that the Syrian state is ready to provide basic services to all returnees from the camp as soon as they arrive their areas liberated from terrorism or under its control.

The statement mentioned that Syria and Russia confirm that the US side is completely responsible for the security and safety of UN convoys and the ( SARC) within the territory of al-Tanf area occupied by US forces.

According to the statement, providing the basic elements of life to terrorist groups supported by Washington in al-Tanf area and al-Rukban camp surroundings must be at the expense of the Americans independently and not at the expense of international humanitarian aid which is sent exclusively to displaced persons held in the camp.

The statement warned against the increasing number of victims in the camp in winter, especially that the camp lacks the simplest means to enable its inhabitants to confront the harsh and critical circumstances, as the humanitarian aid convoys, sent in cooperation with the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent were stolen by terrorist groups backed by the US  occupation forces.

The US occupation forces are holding thousands of civilians in Al-Tanf area and providing cover and support to terrorist groups deployed in al-Rukban camp, extorting displaced people and controlling most of the humanitarian aid that reaches the camp which exacerbates the disastrous conditions of civilians and threatens the lives of many of them, especially children.


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