Sousan: EU lost its direction and identity because of its subservience to the US

Damascus, SANA – Assistant Foreign and Expatiates Minister Ayman Sousan on Tuesday met a German parliamentary delegation headed by MP Frank Pasemann.

Sousan briefed the delegations on developments in Syria, asserting commitment to fighting terrorism until it is fully eradicated, as well as affirming determination to ending any illegal foreign presence in Syrian territory.

He also stressed that Syria’s unity is a red line that cannot be crossed, and that the Syrian constitution is a sovereign issue in which no side may interfere.
Sousan also said that due to its blind subservience to US policies, the European Union has lost its direction and identity and became marginalized.

For their part, the delegation members expressed their opposition to the EU’s policy regarding Syria, calling for lifting sanctions on it and supporting its reconstruction efforts to facilitate the return of displaced Syrians to their homeland.

Hazem Sabbagh

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