President al-Assad participates in religious celebration of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday

Damascus, SANA_ President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday participated in the religious celebration held by the Ministry of Endowments commemorating the birth of the Prophet Mohammad at al-Murabet Mosque in Damascus.

The President performed the noon prayers led by Imam Abdu-Fattah al-Bizem, the Mufti of Damascus.

Minister of Endowments Mohammad Abul-Sattar al-Sayyed delivered a speech in which he referred to the sublime meanings of this anniversary, stressing that Prophet Mohammad was sent for the good and mercy of humanity.

He pointed out to the life of Prophet Mohammad and his message which raised the flag of science, education and civilization and called for the rule of reason and for amity and fraternity among all human beings as he did not differentiate between one person and another because of religion or race.

The Minister stressed that the true Islam is a religion of moderation which rejects extremism, killing and terrorism.

He saluted heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, who have been facing terrorism and the Turkish occupation forces, emphasizing that Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, has preserved its independence, safeguarded the dignity of its people and defended its soil.

Later, Sheikh Adnan al-Afyouni, the Mufti of Damascus and its Countryside, implored God to protect the Syrian people, army and leadership and to save the homeland from the terrorism.

He paid tribute to the martyrs, wishing recovery to the wounded.

The ceremony included religious chants by the band of Sheikh Salim Abdo al-Akkad.





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