Warm welcome to Syrian army units in Hasaka with people throwing rice, rose at them

Hasaka, SANA_ People of Hasaka province and its countryside warmly welcomed the entry of the Syria Arab Army, saluting the soldiers as their brave sons.

On October 13, units of the Syria Arab Army began the deployment operations in different areas of the countryside of Hasaka, Raqqa and northern Aleppo to confront the Turkish aggression and protect the people from the attacks of Turkish regime-backed terrorist groups.

Once the news spread on the readiness of the Syrian Arab Army units to move to deploy in new areas, in the framework of their national tasks to face the Turkish aggression and mercenaries, residents of Hasaka spontaneously gather in the public squares and main roads through which the army will pass to greet its heroes reflecting the cohesion of the army and the people.

Along the roads of the western countryside and its villages, residents gathered to receive soldiers, who regain safety to all areas they enter, by showering them with rice and rose petals, an Arab gesture of welcome.

On the sides of the road in Tal Tamr township, towards the west, people gathered in haste to salute the Syrian Arab Army, carrying Syrian flags and cheering for the army which came to defend the city and its people from the Turkish aggression.

They implored to Almighty God to protect Syria and the brave Syrian army.

Syrian Arab Army units continue to deploy in the countryside of northwestern Hasaka and northern Raqqa and in northeastern Aleppo after they entered Manbij city, Ayn al-Arab in the far northeastern countryside of Aleppo, Ayn Issa town, al-Tabqa and its military airport in the northwestern Raqqa countryside.

SANA camera accompanied the deployment of army units in most areas and documented those moments.




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