New evidence on collusion of US and Turkey regarding offensive on Syrian territory

Damascus, SANA_ New document confirms the collusion of the United States and the Turkish regime regarding the offensive on Syrian territory.

Washington didn’t only give the green light to the offensive, but also placed its mercenaries and terrorists, whose crimes,  for many years, were backed and covered by it, at the disposal of Turkey .

Turkish “Sita” research Center unveiled, in a document, that most of the terrorist organizations united under the umbrella of Turkish aggression, were backed  and funded by Washington and committed crimes under its directives.

The document, released recently by the independent “the Grayzone” news website, showed that 21 terrorist groups, which joined Erdogan’s mercenaries, were backed by the US, either directly through the Pentagon, or through the CIA and the operating room affiliated to it in Turkey.

According to the document, most of the terrorist organizations, circulated by Washington under the name of “moderate opposition” and armed and trained under the administration of former US President Barack Obama, moved to complete their crimes under the leadership of Erdogan through the current aggression on Syrian territory.

The document clarified that the US hypocrisy and double standards policy, according to Washington existing  interests, appeared in statements of US politicians and officials who condemned the Turkish aggression and the heinous crimes committed by Erdogan’s  mercenaries, ignoring the fact that they themselves who created these mercenaries and backed them whether at the UN Security Council or at the United Nations as they continued to do so for more than eight years.

It mentioned that some US officials, who are now harshly criticizing the terrorists,  had personally met with them.

The document reminded of the visit of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Istanbul in 2012 to rally support for terrorist organizations, pointing out that these organizations would not have been existed  without Washington’s support and spending billions of dollars over many years to achieve its own agendas.

The document touched upon the so-called “White Helmets” terrorist organization, which became a mercenary under the Turkish regime’s control, referring  to the crimes committed by its members against innocent civilians under the cover the United States and its allies in international forums.

The “White Helmets” organization was  established in Turkey in 2013 by British, US and western funding; the scope of the organization’s members work only in the places of spreading the terrorist organizations has raised many question marks.

The makers and sponsors s of terrorism in Syria, led by Washington, tried to give this organization a humanitarian character, but evidences, facts, photos and filed events unveiled the fact and proved it to be a terrorist platform that backs terrorist organizations and operates under humanitarian cover.

The Turkish regime continues its offensive on Syrian territory in a number of towns and villages of the countryside of Hasaka and Raqqa, which resulted in the martyrdom and injury of hundreds of civilians, including children, women and workers in the service sectors.


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