Cabinet approves executive measures for program on replacing imports with domestic industries

Damascus, SANA- The Cabinet has approved a number of executive measures for a program on replacing foreign imports with domestic industries after completing the required study.

The Cabinet called on the ministries concerned to take the required measures for marketing the available investment opportunities and providing the facilitations for the investors.

The program mainly includes the yeast , paper and tires industries and the textile industries in all of their stages, in addition to the pharmaceutical industries, irrigation industries and renewable energy industries.

In a statement to journalists , Economy and Internal Trade Minister Dr. Mohammad Samer al-Khalil said that the program of depending on the local industries has reached an advanced stage on the level of the studies, decisions and the required measures for facilitating the establishment of local industries instead of depending on the imported industries.

Minister al-Khalil added that the program will provide the required facilitations for the investors in Syria and abroad to make investments in the industries which have a priority.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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