Information Ministry marks 59th anniversary of establishing Syrian T.V

Damascus, SANA-Information Ministry and the Organization of Syrian Arab Radio and T.V on Tuesday evening marked the 59th anniversary of establishing the Syrian Arab T.V. at the Opera Hall at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

Varied artistic show was performed during the celebration in which modern visual techniques were used for the first time in Syria as the show reviewed  the stages which the work of the Syrian T.V. has passed through since its inception.

In a statement during the ceremony, Information Minister Imad Sara highly appreciated the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Syrian media and those who were injured while they were performing their national duty in covering the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army in the face of terrorism on different fronts.

Minister Sara affirmed that the Ministry works on making the national media a real partner in building the renewable Syria and its future and that the Syrian T.V will remain the screen of the homeland and a representative of all the Syrians.

The performed show during the ceremony reviewed the most important achievements in modern Syria suchlike the establishment of the factories, hospitals, airports and universities, in additions to screening scenes from October Liberation war and hoisting the Syrian flag in the sky of Quneitra after its liberation, in additions to scenes from the army’s battles in the face of terrorism.

The ceremony was concluded by honoring a number of the wounded Syrian journalists who have covered the terrorist war waged on Syria, along with a number of the elite journalists who participated in founding the Syrian T.V.


Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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