Fixing vandalized gas pipeline linking al-Shaer field with Ebla Factory finished

Damascus, SANA- A source at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources affirmed that the maintenance workshops have finished the works of fixing the gas pipeline linking al-Shaer gas field with Ebla Gas Factory in Homs eastern countryside which was vandalized by terrorists on Sunday morning.

The source added that ” gas started to be pumped through the pipeline again and it will take from four to five hours to reach the factory.”

Earlier on the day, terrorists vandalized a gas pipeline as it went out of service and technical workshops affiliated to Ministry of Petroleum started to work on fixing it in order to pump gas in it again over the next hours.

The sabotaged pipeline transports about 2.5 million cubic meters of gas daily to Ebla Factory and from it to power plants.

Remnants of Daesh “ISIS” terrorists spread in some areas in the Syrian Badia “semi-desert” and they try to attack the residential areas and the vital facilities and the military posts as they army units hunt them down to secure the Badia.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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