Syria and Venezuela: Joint views and stances in facing attempts of imposing hegemony

Damascus, SANA- Venezuelan Ambassador in Damascus Jose Biomorgi affirmed the deeply-rooted historical relations and ideological ties binding peoples of Syria and Venezuela, as well as their joint struggle against a common enemy that doesn’t allow peoples to determine their future.

Speaking to SANA on the occasion of the 208th anniversary of Venezuela’s Independence Day , on July 5, Ambassador Biomorgi said that political relations between the two countries are tight and growing stronger day by day.

He indicated that Venezuela’s stance has been firm since the beginning of war on Syria in supporting its legitimate government and its people in facing the crisis, as Syria also has a supportive and firm stance towards Venezuela and its democracy, and towards President Nicolas Maduro and his legitimate government.

Ambassador Biomorgi said that several steps have been agreed on to enhance the commercial exchange between Venezuela and Syria during the visit of Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza in April to serve the interests of the two friendly countries and peoples.

He indicated that the preparations are underway for opening the Venezuelan cultural week in Damascus, on July 21st, in which an overview of the cultural heritage of Venezuela as a country receiving waves of migrations will be displayed, where about a million people of Syrian origin live, in addition to an exhibition of pictures and artistic performances at Dar Al Assad for Culture and Arts and the cinema week which will screen films on Venezuela and its art.

Shaza/Rasha Milhem

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