China affirms continued support to Syria in bilateral relations,  international forums

Beijing, SANA- Meeting Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, Vice President of the People’s Republic of China Wang Qishan on Monday affirmed his country’s continued support to Syria and its interest in developing and invigorating bilateral relations in different spheres.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the historic relations binding the two friendly countries, underlining the necessity of enhancing coordination and cooperation between them on different levels to upgrade them to the hoped-for level by the two countries’ leaderships.

In the beginning of the meeting, Foreign and Expatriates Minister indicated that the Syrian Arab Republic is willing to develop its relations with the People’s Republic of China in all domains including the economic one to be up to the level of the strategic relations which are considered as a real translation of President Bashar al-Assad’s vision which is represented the openness towards the east in the Syrian relations.

Minister al-Moallem thanked China for its principled political support at the international forums and for the humanitarian aid which it has provided to Syria and which has contributed to enhancing the steadfastness of the Syrian people over the past years.

He noted that Syria and China today are standing in the same trench in the face of the economic measures and sanctions imposed by the US on the peoples of the two countries, affirming Syria’s full support of the stances adopted by China in this regard.

Minister al-Moallem expressed the Syrian people’s admiration of the initiatives and achievements of the Chinese people and what they have provided to the human culture, the last of which was the Belt and Road Initiative which was announced by the Chinese President.

He asserted that Syria is interested in the cooperation with China in framework of that initiative and in enhancing its role in it, particularly as the Silk Road had been historically launched from the Syrian city of Palmyra.

He reiterated Syria’s invitation for China to participate through its institutions and companies in the program of the reconstruction of what has been destroyed at the hands of terrorists during the terrorist war waged against Syria over the past years.

For his part, the Chinese Vice President  affirmed that his country will continue to provide support to Syria in its bilateral relations and at the international forums and the multilateral organizations.

He welcomed the visit of Minister al-Moallem which reflects China’s willingness and desire to develop and invigorate bilateral relations with Syria.

He shed light on the deep-rootedness of the Chinese and Syrian civilizations and the several denominators binding the two countries, in addition to their significant role in building the human civilization.

The Chinese Vice President asserted the People’s Republic of China’s adherence to the sovereignty , independence and territorial integrity of Syria according to the UN Charter and the rules of the international law and the international relations.

He reiterated China’s categorical rejection of any foreign interference by any state in the internal affairs of Syria.

The meeting was attended by a number of senior Syrian and Chinese officials.

On Sunday evening, Minister al-Moallem and the accompanying delegation arrived in Beijing in an official visit to the People’s Republic of China upon an invitation by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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