People of occupied Syrian Golan: Israeli plans will not change the Golan’s Syrian identity


Quenitra, SANA – The people of the occupied Syrian Golan denounces the holding of a meeting for the Israeli occupation government in the Golan and the naming of a settlement after US President Donald Trump, stressing that such illegal acts will not change the fact that the Golan is Syrian territory.

The people in the villages of Majdal Chams, Masaada, Buq’atha, and Ein Qunya said in statements to SANA’s reporter that holding this meeting in the Golan violates all UN resolutions which clearly state that the Golan is occupied Syrian land.

Liberated captive Sleiman al-Maqt said that this hostile action showcases the occupation’s policy which pays no attention to international laws and accords, stressing that all Israeli plots will not change the historical and geographical truths or the Golan’s Syrian identity.

Golan Selectman Issam Shaalan stressed that Syrians are committed to the occupied Golan and are determined to liberate it.

Chairman of the committee for supporting liberated and detained Syrian captives in occupation Jails Ali al-Younes said the meeting is a continuation of the occupation government’s policy of provocation and expansion, which goes hand in hand with the US policy which seeks to pillage the resources of the Golan and displace its people.

The committee also issued a statement denouncing the holding of the meeting, asserting that the liberation of the Golan is close at hand.

Hazem Sabbagh

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