Rehabilitation of Palmyra Power Convertor Station finished

Palmyra, SANA- Branch of Electricity Transmission and Generation General Establishment in the central region has finished the rehabilitation of Palmyra Power Convertor Station which had been destroyed at the hands of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists before being crushed.

The rehabilitation of the station came as a step towards providing basic services for the locals who have returned to the city as national cadres and experts had worked on installing new equipment on the old metal holders and distributing them all over the station, in addition to programming the electrical protection devices.

Head of the Branch Eng. Ahmad Makkawi told SANA reporter in Palmyra that after rehabilitating Palmyra Power Convertor Station 20/66 who capacity is 40 MW, workshops from the establishment worked on removing the rubble left by terrorists at the station and they prepared the required equipment and installed them with a cost estimated at SYP 1.5 billion.

Makkawi added that the high-voltage line feeding the plant from T4 area had been also rehabilitated with a cost estimated at about SYP 1 billion.

The national cadres had performed the work at the station in a record time, according to Chairman of the Operation Department at the Establishment’s Branch Eng. Saleh Omran, who underlined the importance of rehabilitating Palmyra Station which feeds Palmyra city and its surroundings with electricity reaching al-Sikhnieh city and its countryside 80 km east of Palmyra.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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